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Over 60s practicing yoga has tripled over the last 6 years. Yoga is recognised as being a good way for older generations to keep fit, stay mobile and socialise.

According to Dr. Kathleen Hall, regular exercise reduces the risk of early death by a third and the risk of chronic disease by up to 40 percent. Yoga is an excellent low-impact exercise that can help with mobility, relaxation, reduce aches and pains, maintain muscle strength, and improve general strength and fitness.

Yoga is becoming an accepted main stream practice, rapidly losing its mystical hippy image amongst older generations in the UK. Senior yoga classes are available online via zoom, in person or via video on demand. Use the location search to find a local yoga class near me.

Is yoga safe for over 60s?

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise ideal for seniors. These are specialist yoga classes that focus on the fitness and mobility needs of older men and women. They offer a gentle yoga practice designed to keep you fit and healthy. Look for specialist yoga classes over 50s, over 60s, over 70s Yoga classes.

Check with your medical practitioner before undertaking a yoga class if you have a medical condition, such as blood high pressure, have mobility issues, undergoing medical treatment, recovering from an operation.

Research suggests that yoga is safe and has many benefits for older generations. Check with your yoga teacher and make them aware of any medical conditions.

What are the Benefits of Over 60s Yoga Classes?

The main reasons why more over 60s are joining a Yoga class is it offers a gentle, low impact form of exercise ideal for older age groups.

  • Boosts energy, vitality, and mood.
  • Improves balance.
  • Improves flexibility.
  • Helps protect joints.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Slows bone thinning and the onset of osteoporosis.
  • Can help reduce stress.
  • Keeps weight down.
  • It's social, make friends.
  • Accessible and inexpensive

Yoga classes are inexpensive, on NearYou you can find and book an online seniors yoga class any-day of the week. There are no membership fees just pay as you go. Or you can buy yoga videos to watch 24/7.

What are the best styles of yoga for over 60s?

Seniors who are fit and in good health, can join most types of Yoga classes. Hatha yoga is a gentle paced style, chair yoga is ideal if you suffer from restricted mobility, Iyengar yoga, makes postures accessible through the use of props, Viniyoga and Kripalu yoga can be tailored for seniors.

IMPORTANT: Unless you are experienced yoga practitioner, very fit, you should avoid Hot yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga these are extreme styles of yoga which put stress on joints, require a high level of fitness, and flexibility. Not for the novice.

See a breakdown of types of Yoga, duration times, level of difficult and what you can expect here. Seniors can enjoy online yoga, and in-person yoga and yoga videos.

Can I learn yoga from a YouTube Video?

The best and safest way to start yoga is by joining a yoga class taught by a qualified, experienced yoga teacher. Seniors can enjoy online yoga for over 60s, this is a safe way of enjoying yoga at home. Unlike YouTube the yoga teacher can observe your movements, advise corrections and watch your progress.

Zoom yoga classes are inexpensive and you will get personal attention during the class. Feedback via NearYou Feefo Review ratings indicate that online yoga classes on the site are of a very high standard in some cases even better than in-person classes.

With NearYou you can access the very best yoga teachers anywhere in the UK. You are not restricted to what’s available locally.

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Find the best yoga classes for seniors near me in the UK. The website and mobile App have a good range of yoga classes for over 60s in major cities including, London, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and other major cities across the UK.

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