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Introduction to Yoga Studios

Practicing Yoga is becoming more and more popular. In the UK there are a lot of studios where you can learn yoga, practice, and improve.

Find yoga studios UK wide, they offer a range of yoga activities to help with fitness, improve flexibility, mobility, stress relief, and pain management in calm peaceful spaces.

Yoga Studio Classes

Yoga studios offer more choice, more classes, equipment, facilities all dedicated to giving customers an enjoyable yoga experience. Yoga studios are equipped with dedicated yoga equipment such as mats, bolsters, blocks, blankets, to help you get the most from your classes.

Studios cater for a wide range of abilities with Yoga classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as specialist yoga classes.

Yoga studio class sizes

Yoga studios on NearYou are run by independent yoga studio owners who are dedicated to offering unique yoga experiences. Class sizes will vary from studio to studio, depending on the size of the size if the studio, and the teacher.

Studios usually offer a range of classes, one to ones, small group mat classes, to large classes of 15 or more. They offer choice to people who may feel intimidated going into a large class.

A growing number offer hot yoga, this is type of class that requires the room temperature and humidity to be increased. Classes sizes can be 20 or more. These are only for customers who are fit and have already attended yoga classes.

Are Yoga studios more expensive than gyms classes?

The main difference between gyms and yoga studios is that yoga studios are more flexible and many use NearYou to attract customers. As a result you can access the best studio yoga classes on a pay as you go basis.

Gyms charge members for all the facilities including classes whether you use them or not. They have to cover their costs and their model replies on customers dropping out or losing interest after a few months. The result is gym members pay much more than buying classes individually.

Many yoga studios run their business using a similar model to the big box gyms. Studios get customers to set up regular payments or memberships to cover the cost of the premises. Because yoga studios are often located in wealthy areas customers can end up paying more than if they took out a gym membership.

Which yoga website offers the lowest class prices?

NearYou gives to access to amazing yoga teachers and classes at low low prices. Access the best yoga studios on NearYou and save money. Customers only pay for what they use. Just book a class and join either online or in-person. Great customer service Platinum rated by Feefo.

Book direct and save! No membership fees, no set up fees, no contracts, no BACS payments.

Why pay more for yoga classes, NearYou gives customers access to the best yoga studios in the UK at a much lower price anywhere on the web.

Where can I find a yoga studio near me?

The best place to start is on Yoga Class Near You, the No1 Yoga Studio finder in the UK. So search online here to find great class, amazingly low prices near you.

Finding a yoga studio in London or other cities is really easy, you only have to enter your postcode in the homepage search tool and we will do the rest.

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